Ubisoft Singapore Also Has Its Own Slew Of Sexism, Sexual Harassment, & Racism Stories


Ubisoft’s status of being the “game company will all the alleged rape, abuse, and bullying” is still prevalent and isn’t doing the company any favours. Despite efforts to mask it with recent game promos and trailers, this isn’t something that can be whisked away so quick.

It seems that even Ubisoft’s Singapore branch isn’t free from the worldwide Ubisoft sh**storm. According to a Gamasutra report, a number of anonymous former workers at Ubisoft Singapore came forward with allegations of sexism, harassment, abuse, and racial insensitivity, where many of its perpetrators are people of power. This is basically a regular occurrence in the workplace. Let’s break it down:

In related news, Ubisoft Quebec and Montreal has this problem going on for years, and somehow its toxic touch just caressed and infested the Singapore branch. To quote an anonymous source: “I think Ubisoft has a culture of allowing creative directors to be aggressive and dominant and they encourage it from editorial. They always chose large, loud, alpha male figures to lead projects and so they saw the bullying and harassment as part of the job.”

Unfortunately, HR and management getting away with these shenanigans is still a thing that happens even outside of Ubisoft and Singapore, at least in the gaming industry. As someone who used to work in the industry, those in power usually get their way, be it sexual misconduct, casual racism that can purposely lower morale, or flat-out abuse and bullying that leads to power squabbles and unnecessary in-fighting/passive-aggressive behaviour.

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