Total War Saga Troy’s Free Giveaway Was An Epic Success

A Total War Saga: Troy was free for its first 24 hours on the Epic Games Store last week, and Creative Assembly has announced that a whopping 7.5 million people claimed the game during the 24 hours that it was available for free.

Creative Assembly chief product officer Rob Bartholomew said (via PC Gamer):

“We were optimistic but we couldn’t have predicted this level of excitement. It’s been incredible to work with Epic on giving this brand new release away for free. Now we get to welcome so many strategy players – new and old – to experience this incredible Saga. We’re very happy.”

It will be interesting to see how many of these 7.5 million will stay fans of the franchise. The real-time strategy Total War franchise published by Sega is popular but has remained pretty niche over the years. This move will likely expand the franchise’s fanbase even more.

A Total War Saga: Troy is now available to purchase on the Epic Games Store for US$31.49 or roughly RM132 for Malaysians users.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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