Apple Is Cutting Epic Games’ Developer Accounts & Access To iOS Tools

Last week, both Apple and Google removed Fortnite from their respective stores on the App Store and Play Store, which elicited retaliation from Epic Games who filed a legal injunction against both companies in a bid to wage war against what the company deems to be monopolistic and oppressive policies.

Now, Epic Games is seeking to block Apple Inc’s removal of Fortnite from the App Store and requesting the court to prevent any more action from Apple against them.

In its filing, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said:

“Apple’s actions will ‘break’ Fortnite for millions of existing players. Because iOS users can no longer update the game, they will be unable to play Fortnite with most other players, who will have the then-current version available on other platforms.”

Epic Games also said that Apple will terminate Epic Games developer accounts and cut Epic Games off from its Mac and iOS development tools starting from 28 August 2020.

Epic Games claims that if Apple cuts off its access to Apple’s developers, they will be unable to keep offering the Unreal Engine development tool for Mac and iOS operating systems, which would negatively affect hundreds of game titles and other developers.

Sweeney continued:

“The effects will reverberate well beyond video games; it will affect developers who use the Unreal Engine on Apple products in many fields. The ensuing impact on the Unreal Engine’s viability and the trust and confidence developers have in that engine, cannot be repaired with a monetary award.”

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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