Fall Guys Might Get This In-Game Shirt Thanks To Recent Charity Drive

You can’t avoid the multiplayer phenomenon that is Fall Guys, try as you might. The battle royale platformer is the talk of the town on Twitter and on every respectable game site out there, is at the top of the Twitch and Steam charts, and is currently being courted hard by non-gaming brands.

Companies like KFC and Walmart have been pitching Fall Guys cosmetic ideas and sketches, which is easy to craft up when you think about it. Developer Mediatonic then opted the following challenge where if a company donates a huge sum to the charity called Special Effect, they will get their brand inside the game as a costume.

Folks like Digital Extreme of Warframe fame have pledged US$20,000 for a Lotus skin, while gaming server host Bisect pledged US$38,880. The Lotus costume looks sweet.

However, one company is throwing its US$40,000 hat in the ring and is currently at the top spot for the coveted Fall Guy prize: bidet-making company Tushy.

Of course, that was posted a few hours ago until YouTuber MrBeast bid US$100,000. Still, the contest isn’t over yet and Tushy could make a dirty comeback.

Stay tuned this week for a Fall Guys level tier list from us. Maybe; it’s a busy week for us.

Author: Mr Toffee

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