Singapore YouTube Gamer Dee Kosh Under Fire For Offering Minors Money For Sex

Trouble is afoot in Singapore’s gaming YouTube scene. Or “gaming” if you prefer.

Darryl Ian Koshy, better known as YouTube guy and Team NOC gaming participant Dee Kosh, is facing hot water as he is facing multiple accusations of offering minors S$1,000 for sex (via At least five people, one of them being a 17-year old named Samuel, are filing police complaints against Dee Kosh for using his status as a talent manager to solicit sex from minors as well.

Dee Kosh himself initially denied all wrongdoing in the face of these serious accusations, going so far as to send out lawyer-armed letters of demand to his accuses like Instagram user @_Epaul.

However, he then said last night that he acknowledged some of the truths to the allegations and apologized to those he had “hurt”. He said that the Whatsapp messages he sent to the minors were just nothing but “inappropriate language” and “cheeky talk”, and isn’t in any way an attempt to “groom” them for sex.

“Some of the allegations baffled me because they were baseless and untrue. However, even though I had put out on an earlier statement on Instastories denying allegations which had surfaced initially, I now admit that there is truth to some of the things which are being said now, and I am sorry to the people I have hurt in the process.

There are some screenshots circulating of me texting with a 15-year-old that I now accept is problematic. My tone was questionable, but there was absolutely no intent to groom him

Let me state categorically that I did not ever have any sexual relations with [the teen Snapchatter] or with any minor. To me, it was a friendly conversation which was cheeky and inappropriate, but I did not take it any further.”

Additionally, the firm who sent the letter, DC Law, said yesterday that it was no longer representing Dee Kosh anymore. Furthermore, he is also “on leave” from his Power 98FM DJ gig after these accusations (via

Dee Kosh is a Singaporean who runs a YouTube channel that has more than 300k subscribers who like low-hanging fruit reaction videos and surface-level mocking of games and pop culture. He also joins his pals from Singapore YouTube bigwigs Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) in post-recorded gaming sessions involving trending titles like Mobile Legends and Valorant. 

And also the occasional scary game because it’s easy to emulate the Markiplier formula with friends in high places.

Jesting aside, we just have this to say: innocent until proven guilty. Even if you may not be a fan of how he does his gaming content, allegations are just that until confessions & straight-up evidence are present.

Top image credit: Straits Times

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