You Should Vote For These Street Fighter 5 Costume Designs ASAP

A while back, Capcom opted to host a Street Fighter 5 costume design contest where fans and artists can send over their submissions so that they’re voted into the game as DLC.

That contest’s voting process has begun this week and will end on 1st September at 2:59pm GMT+8. Here are the final 12 costumes that you can vote for.

Here’s how you can vote.

  • You must give the Tweet that has your favourite costume design a “like” on the official Street Fighter Twitter page. Capcom notes that a like for a Retweet will not count towards the votes.
  • This means you can vote for multiple costumes.

Given the game’s fanbase and its propensity for culture and moe, the “Poison cosplay Juri” by JnXC and the festival Sakura by Richard Suwono are the top two picks, with 16.6k and 13.6k “likes” respectively.

Give Capcom credit though; there is a good balance of female and male fanservice within the 12 picks here. Still isn’t enough to counterbalance the umpteenth Chun-Li or Cammy DLC costume we might be getting in Season V though.

Author: Mr Toffee

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