Animangaki Online 2020: Here’s What You Can Check Out

Thanks to the worldwide pandemic, many gaming and anime events have been going online as of late. One of Malaysia’s top anime conventions Animangaki is no different, opting for the online approach this year.

You can catch the show’s livestreams either here or on YouTube. The first show will start today at 6pm GMT+8 while the last show will be this Sunday 23rd August 10pm.

If you’re into anime and wish to support the expo with your digital attendance, do check it out. The full schedule is below.

21st August (Friday)

6:30pm – Opening ceremony for Animangaki Online 2020
7:00pm – Game: The Magic Rain’s Legends of Runeterra Tournament
8:00pm – Performance: ACGMix
8:30pm – Performance: Ani-Mode

22nd August (Saturday)

11:30am – Emcee Introduction
12:00pm – Performance: Drumstick
12:15pm – Luna Crescente
12:30pm – Idol Monster Competition
1:00pm – Panel: No Straight Roads – Bringing The Art To Live
2:00pm – Panel: Interview with Touhou Superstars (Zun and Takahiro Hojo)
3:00pm – Break
4:00pm – Performance: Shino Shimazaki
4:30pm – Workshop: How To Balloon Basics & Pikachu Balloon ft. Supa Dupa Circus
4:45pm – How to fold Ash Hat Evolution by Malaysia Origami Academy”
5:00pm – Game: Quiplash2
6:00pm – Panel: Asterisk x MYCC: When Manga Meets Comics
6:30pm – Creative Cosplay Photo Competition
7:00pm – Performance: Mystery Guest
7:10pm – Panel: Sunway Lagoon Scream Park
8:30pm – Prize-giving ceremony: Idolmon & Creative Cosplay Photo Competition
9:00pm – Performance: Brightburn
9:30pm – Panel: Manga Planet Industry Panel
10:00pm – Performance: Stroberitea
10:30pm – Emcee outro

23rd August (Sunday)

11:30am – Emcees intro
12:00pm – Performance: Stove & Re:Turn -Circus-
12:15pm – Tukuyomi Dining Company
12:30pm – Pet Cosplay Competition
1:00pm – Game: Claw Machine Challenge
2:00pm – Performance: Lynne Hobday
2:15pm – Performance: KAO=S
2:30pm – Game: Draw from Memory
3:00pm – Break
4:00pm – Performance: Patriots
4:30pm – Workshop: Balloon Sculpting ft. Supa Dupa Circus
4:45pm – Workshop: How to fold Ivysaur by Malaysia Origami Academy
5:00pm – Panel: Drawing with Nishii Terumi & Naska
6:00pm – Game: Anime Quiz
6:30pm – Performance: Project Zangyo
7:00pm – Lucky Draw
7:30pm – Break
8:30pm – Performance: Liliana Vampiana
9:00pm – Prize-giving ceremony
9:30pm – Emcee outro
10:00pm – After Party: Mishisyaro

Do note that Infinite Carnage’s Animangaki-branded fighting game tournaments are happening in the same weekend. Check out the schedule here.; watch the stream here.


For more on last year’s Animangaki, check out our KKP Wrapsody episodes below.

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