Borderlands 3’s August Hotfix Just Made Some World Drop Sniper Rifles Actually Useful

The latest hotfix for the current king of loot-shoot games Borderlands 3 will be buffing up some common drops to make them a tad more viable. Oh, and also will add in the Show Me The Eridium event that will see more Eridium dropping moreso than usual and discounts at Crazy Earl’s cosmetic store in Sanctuary.

But you’re not here for that; you’re here to see if your favourite weapon(s) made the cut, especially if your luck has been filled with useless sniper rifles you don’t need that are filed under “world drops”. Here they are:


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage

Storm & Firestorm

  • Reduced charge time
  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Slowed down the orb and increased the explosion damage


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Decreased reload time


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased the ricochet cap from 5 to 7

Star Helix

  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Increased the radius of the child projectiles


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Doubled amplified damage when weapon shield is at max capacity


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased the number of shots before the weapon breaks

Juliet’s Dazzle

  • Increased weapon damage

Good Juju

  • Doubled the critical hit bonus per body shot

General Grenade Buff

  • Increased grenade damage across the board

I particularly like the buffs that are given to the Monocle, Lyuda, and AutoAimè. The latter Handsome Jackpot sniper rifle got me through thick and thin for my Vault Hunters before guns like Unseen Threat and Complex Root came into the picture. Hopefully, we’ll see some builds tailored towards these “Year 1” sniper rifles, especially with FL4K and his Fade Away action skill.

Here are the rest of the updates you’ll get from this recent hotfix.

  • Turns on the Summer 2020 Anniversary Event: Show Me The Eridium, live until August 27 at 9:00 AM PST
  • Replaced Mayhem 4 gear with Mayhem 6 gear in the Guardian Takedown boss pools
  • Increased the health of Titus, Herb, and Juno in the Bounty of Blood Add-On Content

Author: Mr Toffee

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