Matt Reeves’ The Batman Confirmed To Be On Different Earth In Another Universe

During the DC FanDome Multiverse 101 panel, DC Films president Walter Hamada discussed the concept of the Multiverse in the context of the movies and TV series, revealing that Matt Reeves’ The Batman will exist on a different Earth on another universe separate from the DCEU, on which movies like Justice League and Shazam take place on.

“What the multiverse allows you to do is sort of lean into this idea of you can tell just great stories and you don’t have to really be as focused on it, and it has to fit within a singular continuity–on one Earth.

We have the Gal [Gadot] and Jason [Momoa] and Ezra [Miller] version of the Justice League, and we can continue telling those stories.

While on a separate Earth, we don’t have to worry about the continuity.

We can have a more grounded real year two Batman and build out that world, and not really worry about continuity story elements.

It’s really kind of the best of both worlds and allows us to take advantage of everything that’s great about what we’ve done, and really allow us to sort of expand moving forward.

And we’re trying to keep it as simple as that, like there is that one Earth–the greater Earth–of this existing Justice League, and then the beginnings of another Earth that is sort of happening in its early stages of year two Batman.”

In addition, Hamada also confirmed that 2019’s Joker takes place on its own Earth, and not in the same universe as either the DCEU or Matt Reeve’s The Batman.

This is good news for fans of Ben Affleck’s Batman, as it means that he will be able to exist side by side with Robert Pattinson’s version of the Dark Knight. Affleck will be reprising his role in 2022’s The Flash.

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