The Best Monster World Game Is Getting A Remake Next Year

With Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap out and remastered for current-gen platforms, it’s only a matter of time until the fourth action-adventure instalment Monster World IV gets the same treatment. That time is next year, it seems.

The 1994 Sega Megadrive title will be getting a remake slated for PS4 and Nintendo Switch (via IGN). Its official title? Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World. The upcoming 2D game will be a collaboration between Studioartdink and publisher Inin Games.

Original game director Ryuichi Nishizawa will be back to helm the remake while series composer Shinichi Sakamoto, character designer Maki Ozora, and creative manager Takanori Kurihara will also be helping in their respective roles.

Also, the game’s main character Asha will be fully-voiced in the game, which is a first in the Wonder Boy remakes. Hopefully it’ll turn out just as smoothly-animated as the Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake by Lizardcube.

Gameplay footage will be out 29th August via Gamescom’s indie showcase. In the meantime, here’s a longplay session of the original game on the Megadrive: still looks just as good as it did back in the day.

Author: Mr Toffee

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