Kate Bishop Joins Marvel’s Avengers As First Post-Launch Playable Hero

Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal hosted their Marvel’s Avengers War Table September 2020 live stream presentation earlier today, and it revealed a lot of exciting new details about the upcoming game, including a brand new playable character.

The developers have confirmed that the very first post-launch playable character addition to the existing roster of Marvel’s Avengers will be none other than Kate Bishop, also known as the former protege of Clint ‘Hawkeye’ Barton.

In a post-game Operation event that will take place after the conclusion of the game’s main campaign, players will help Bishop search for Clint Barton after he disappeared while looking for SHIELD director Nick Fury and investigating tachyon rifts.

According to PlayStation Blog, she will be voiced by Ashly Burch. Meanwhile, Hawkeye will be voiced by Giacomo Gianniotti, and will receive his own Operation event separate from that of Kate Bishop.

The rest of the live stream included a look at how Outposts worked, as well as more details on Operations.

Marvel’s Avengers has daily and weekly content resets, and the War Table is also dynamic. Villain Sectors are special missions that provide epic showdowns in boss fights that you’ll want to keep coming back to, especially the closer your Heroes get to the game’s launch power level cap of 150.

There are also hidden SHIELD Vaults around the world. Players can unlock these to claim resources, gear, and secrets. However, coordinates for SHIELD Vaults must be located within other missions first.

In addition, SHIELD Substation Zero is a new Resistance Outpost led by Commander Maria Hill, who is voiced by industry veteran Jennifer Hale (of Mass Effect FemShep fame). Available shortly after launch, the Substation opens as a social space after temporal anomalies begin forming across the world.

AIM’s Secret Lab will also drop shortly after launch and be a true test of late-game co-op team-play. Only available once a week, the Lab must be completed within a set time window and concludes in a huge boss fight that will take some strategic thinking from your four-player team.

The Mega Hive also arrives shortly after launch if players are looking for a meaty solo challenge. This weekly mission type will test your full roster as you fight your way through descending floors with increasingly difficult enemies. When one hero goes down, another will join. After your full roster is defeated, you’ll need to start over from the beginning.

You can watch the entire 15-minute Marvel’s Avengers War Table Launch Week presentation below:

Marvel’s Avengers is slated to release for the PS4, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and Stadia on 4 September 2020.

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