Watch The First Hour Of The Outer Worlds DLC Here

We got our hands on the new DLC to Obsidian Entertainment & Private Divisions’ RPG The Outer Worlds, and it’s looking sharp so far.

Titled Peril on Gorgon, the DLC takes place during your Outer Worlds sci-fi adventure; you can access it right after doing the story missions in Monarch for the main game. The gist is this: you’re hired by rich woman Wilhemina Ambrose to search for her dead mother Olivia’s journal on the planet Gorgon.

The catch? The planet is filled with drug-hopped marauders and short of the docking station and the bar next to it, the place is teeming with people and space animals trying to kill you. Gorgon itself used to be a Spacer’s Choice factory and colony that specializes in a productivity drug called Adrena-Time before it was abandoned.

Naturally, you and your crew of the good ship Unreliable will have to get your hands dirty. Here’s an hour’s worth of game footage of us doing just that: getting our clothes & appendages tainted with killing, stealing, sneaking around, and lying. So far, Gorgon is a “beautiful” purple-ish wasteland filled with space drug addicts who are surprisingly fast and good with Spacer’s Choice weaponry.

We also should bring up some noteworthy additions to this DLC which may sate Obsidian RPG min-max fans:

-Since the game’s level cap is bumped up to 35, players can now allocate more skill points to their skills. In fact, they can min-max one or two of them up to 150, which opens up Virtuoso skill bonuses.

Virtuoso bonuses are endgame-level bonuses that can help you with your current specialization if you choose to max them out. For example, having 150 points in Engineering lets you remove mods from guns at no extra cost or sacrifice, while having 150 in Persuade makes enemies cower again after a 10-second cooldown. And also open up high-level options to solving some of Gorgon’s later missions.

-Your companions also get two extra “character-specific” perks. For example, Felix gets a Tier 4 character perk that gives him 50% weapon damage if he’s using Tossball weapons, while Parvati’s Tier 5 character perk gives you 25 percent Tactical Time Dilation meter if she kills an enemy. Fun!

-There is a mission where you help a stranded crew figure out what the differences between an alpaca and a llama are. Basically, The Outer World’s warped sense of humour is still intact, in case the bartender robot on the video isn’t a dead giveaway.

Stay tuned for our review when the DLC is out on 10th September. It should set you back US$14.99 for PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox One, and PS4.

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