A Whole Lotta Folks Loved The Latest Microsoft Flight Simulator

Even with some of its quirks, we still admire Microsoft Flight Simulator and its dedication to the lost flight sim genre. Turns out a lot of people feel that way too, hence they swoop right into this game.

Xbox announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator helms the biggest Xbox Game Pass for PC launch, as well as the biggest launch in the series’ 38-year history. The game’s director Jorg Neumann shared some lovely numbers: 

  • 26 million flights flown.
  • 1 billion miles flown to date, which is the equivalent of flying around the world over 40 thousand times.
  • more than 1 million unique players.

There’s going to be more coming, as the game will receive world updates, sim updates, and themed DLC. Oh, and obviously fix some of the first-day bugs present. For more on Microsoft Flight Simulator, check out our review. 

Author: Mr Toffee

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