Arcade Oddity Pop’n Music Lively Is Coming To PC

Remember the good ol’ days when Beatmania and DJMax ruled the arcades? Now you can relive that with Konami’s upcoming port of its music game Pop’n Music Lively.

This music rhythm arcade game is known for its nine-button operation and its selection of eclectic EDM soundtrack, with notable composer Yasunori Mitsuda even contributing to the game at one point. The beta is out now; you can get it here. You’ll need to register for a Konami account to access it though.

These are the songs you can test with the beta. Have fun!

  • “Haisui no Jin” by Hideo Suwa (from Pop’n Music 17 The Movie)
  • “Kurokami Midareshi Shura to Narite” by Qualia Muramasa (from Pop’n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden)
  • “Ren’ai Kansoku” by NU-KO (from Pop’n Music 20 Fantasia)
  • “Perverse Heart ~Ama no Jaku~” by Egoistic Lemontea (from Pop’n Music Lapistoria)
  • “Omedetou! Otanjoubi” by Witches (from Pop’n Music Peace)

Author: Mr Toffee

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