Black Widow

Black Widow has powerful range with her guns and melee skills, despite the fact that she doesn’t have any superhuman abilities. Her Intrinsic ability gives her a massive damage boost if she can deal a certain amount of damage before getting hit, which means that players will have to hit fast and constantly dodge.

Meanwhile, her block ability isn’t a block like the other Avengers. Instead, she has access to a special zipline that allows her to quickly get close to enemies and counter their attacks.

Her special abilities also include an electrical dart that shocks enemies in an AoE attack and a stealth shroud Ultimate ability that turns nearby allies invisible, giving everyone several seconds to beat down enemies without fear of getting damaged. She’s also perhaps one of the fastest melee fighters in the game, so players should capitalize on that for her playstyle. For example, just pepper enemies with ranged gunfire, then go in for the takedown or heavy hits, then get out and shoot your guns. Repeat until the enemy is dead. 

Best Build for Black Widow

DPS Ranger

We are aware that Avengers requires you to play melee most of the time. However, Black Widow’s ranged options and her maxed-out Full-Auto setup can stun enemies pretty fast and can keep you away from getting unnecessarily damaged. This means more takedown options, thus complementing Black Widow’s hit-and-run style. 

Attributes to focus on: Precision, Valor

Best gear perks: PYM Parabellum Ammo, Gamma AE Bullets, Proficient Buff

Skills to prioritize: Bullet Storm, Full-Auto Shot, Rain Maker, Stun Rounds, Ammo Overload, High Caliber Shot, Perforator, Extended Clip, Polygonal Rifling, Espionage, Femme Fatale, Subversion.

Best Mastery (Lv15 & above): Ranged: Pistol Specialization, Utility: Ranged Specialization, Intrinsic Ability: Intrinsic Charge Specialization & Overcharge Damage Specialization, Ranged: Grenade Type Specialization, Intrinsic Ability: Overcharge Specialization.  


Yet another versatile Avenger of the bunch. He also has one of the best Ultimates in the game where he jumps out of the screen, targets an area, then drops down with a big-ass AoE damaging effect.

His Odinforce Intrinsic ability gives him better offense and armour the more skill points he gets, and his other Heroic abilities either pushes back enemies or just gives him a much-needed buff to further his offense. He flies too, so that’s a huge bonus in chasing down annoying teleporting ranged enemies with unnecessary knockdown buffs.

His only downside? He needs a lot more Skill points in certain skill tree abilities to be fully versatile. If you put more points in his Light and Heavy attack trees, you won’t get much out of his attacks. Consider spreading points to his ranged and Intrinsic skill tree too. He’s not a min-max guy in action RPG terms, meaning he slowly gets better at the end game; not so much the start or in the middle of your 150 power level grinding.

Best Build for Thor

God of Offense & Stun

Thor’s strengths are his high melee damage and stun. This build maximizes the advantage of both these key skills. 

Attributes to focus on: Might, Proficiency, Valor

Best gear perks: Faultless Pulse, Reactive Pulse, Aerial Quake

Skills to prioritize: Sledgehammer, Slide Smash, Hammer Spin, Whirling Uru, Bring The Thunder, Sigurd Strike, Headstrong, Falling Star, Thunderstruck, Tornado Throw, Mjolnir Cyclone, Immovable Intent, LEgacy of Odinson, Divine Chaos.

Best Mastery (Lv15 & above): Melee: Melee Stun Damage, Melee: Heroic Takedown Mastery, melee: Combo Damage, Ranged: Guard Breaker, Ranged: Critical Throw, Intrinsic Ability: Takedown Charge, Intrinsic Overcharge: Damage Force

Captain America

Similar to Black Widow, Captain America is for those who prefer to play defensively. However, his shield throws do actually pack quite a wallop, so he’s not entirely useless for ranged attacks either.

His defensive playstyle is evident in his Intrinsic power, which lets him block projectiles, along with a slew of powerful combos. He’s essentially capable of both great offence and great defence.

If your playstyle involves a supporting role and using a lot of blocks/parries, Captan America is for you. However, the drawback is that he cannot break walls or hack doors. There is currently no way for him to unlock secret chests or bonus objectives on his own, so he’s definitely less useful during solo play.

Best Build for Captain America

Captain Ranged Support

This build focuses on Captain’s role as a support guy, while also dealing good damage from afar. 

Attributes to focus on: Precision, Valor

Best gear perks: Expert Explosion

Skills to prioritize: Shield Dive, Soldier’s Slam, Ricochet Throw, Resolute Throw, Shield Parry, Rebounder, Patriot’s Throw, Driving Force, Enemy Intel, Commanding Resolve, Rally Cry I: Call To Arms, Shield Bash, Rising Hope, Commander’s Call.

Best Mastery (Lv15 & above): Ranged Attack: Throw Mastery, Throw Utility, and Shield Throwing Mastery, Combat: Combat Specialization.

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