Game Industry Drama Show From Hollywood Sounds A Tad Familiar To Some Folks; Here’s Why

The CW, the same folks who brought us gems like the DC CW Universe and Supernatural, are producing a new game industry drama show called GG (Goodgame), merging the worlds of gaming and Hollywood together (via Deadline). It’s being produced by Kim Moses (Ghost Whisperer, Reckless), J Moses (Grand Theft Auto), and Debbie Liebling (PEN15), writer-producer Daisy Gardner (Silicon Valley), and CBS Television Studios.

The show is a one-hour drama with comedic elements and centers on “he adventures of a rebellious, young female excelling in the male-dominated gaming industry. The story will be told through the young woman’s perspective. Throughout her life, she struggles with acceptance in the gaming world when she suddenly seizes an opportunity to join a professional esports team and experiences the glamorous, competitive and mind-bending world that follows.”

According to Kim Moses, the show will capture the challenges of women continuing to fight for recognition in the gaming world. “To tell this story, J and I could not be more thrilled to be working alongside the immensely talented Debbie Liebling and Daisy Gardner, as well as The CW and CBSTV.”

Wait A Minute…

Folks who have been watching YouTube and free programming for a copious amount of years might think this upcoming CW show sounds similar to an old series 3 years ago called Good Game, which is about an esports team, a woman who joins them, and how they try to get the masses to take them seriously. That’s because the CW folks are allegedly lifting that same premise and idea from Good Game. Except they’re calling their show GG.

Good Game’s show producers Jesse Cox and Michele Morrow caught wind of this, and have expressed their ire online.

To be fair, Good Game doesn’t look like a drama at all and is more a comedy. You can watch the first episode here and form your own opinions & thoughts. It’s usually better to see the trailer of CW’s new show first before making more assumptions.

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