Survival Mobile Game LifeAfter Teams Up With Resident Evil

NetEase Games’ post-apocalyptic survival game LifeAfter and Capcom’s Resident Evil have teamed up for a large-scale collaboration event. Since the first announcement of the collaboration event, the game has risen in major global rankings, reaching the Top 10 on App Store Grossing Chart in multiple regions.

As part of the collaboration event, LifeAfter features a recreation of the iconic Raccoon City Police Department from Resident Evil 2, and four iconic bosses from the Resident Evil franchise, including Nemesis, Tyrant, Executioner Majini, and G (Stage 2). Players also have access to skins of classic Resident Evil characters like Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy.

This global collaboration event has been live for two weeks, unveiled to players through outdoor advertisements that appeared in the commercial districts of many cities including Tokyo’s Shibuya ward, Taipei, Hong Kong and Jakarta.

In Indonesia, the advertisement for the LifeAfter and Resident Evil collaboration appeared in as many as 20,000 Indo Mart stores. You can download the Android, iOS and PC version of the game for free here.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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