Razer Customers Hit By Online Data Leak

If you’ve been buying Razer peripherals online, you may want to check your account and change up your security.

More than 100,000 customer records belonging to Razer have been found exposed online in a security breach. The data leak was discovered and revealed by security researcher Bob Diachenko.

The breach of data was frighteningly extensive, including full names, emails, phone numbers, customer internal IDs, order numbers, and order details, as well as even billing and shipping addresses.

Before going public with the data leak, Diachenko contacted Razer to inform them of the security breach, but it took three weeks for the company to eventually take decisive action, according to his LinkedIn post.

This data leak is incredibly dangerous since customer records could be used by criminals to launch targeted phishing attacks where potential scammers can pretend to represent Razer.

Razer customers should be on the lookout for phishing attempts sent to their phone or email address, including malicious emails or messages. These scammers had three weeks of access to their data, which they could take advantage of at any time.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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