Asus ROG Teams Up With IKEA To Create New Gaming Furniture

Folks like Secretlab will have their work cut out for them, as legacy gaming brands will be encroaching the gaming furniture and overpriced gaming chair landscape further with legitimate furniture company team-ups. Like Asus and a particular Swedish brand.

Renowned PC hardware manufacturer Asus will be teaming up with notable furniture-making company IKEA to create gaming furniture for the future. There aren’t any details about this apart from the upcoming products being part of the “new home gaming ecosystem” that both are trying to aim for.

We’re guessing chairs and desks, though they won’t cost you an arm and a leg according to the presser we got. Here’s a quote:

“By teaming up with ROG, IKEA wants to combine home furnishing knowledge with ROG’s expertise in creating exceptional gaming experiences. Together, we set out to help the many gamers, and their families, welcome gaming home through developing a new range of affordable and ergonomic gaming furniture and accessories, designed to increase performance while also blending in beautifully to homes.”

Given IKEA’s good track record with practical yet efficiently-costed office chairs, this sounds promising. The furniture line will be out in China first in February 2021, and will be available in other regions and countries later on by October 2021. This isn’t Asus’ first rodeo in the gaming chair-making department, though it won’t be the last.

Asus isn’t the first to team up with a prominent furniture company. Logitech previously announced its partnership with Herman Miller for a luxury gaming chair line. But that isn’t coming out to Asia anytime soon, so you’ll have to make do with Asus’ and IKEA’s efforts next year. And it probably will be less taxing for your wallet (or your back).

Author: Mr Toffee

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