PS5 Won’t Be Compatible With PS1, PS2 & PS3 Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan recently confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be compatible with “99 percent” of PS4 games. While that may be good news for PlayStation fans, what about games from older generations like the PS3, PS2, and PS1?

In a recent interview with Famitsu (as translated by Siliconera), Ryan clarified that the PS5 will not be compatible with PS3, PS2, and PS1 games.

When asked about the titles from consoles of previous generations, Ryan said:

“We keep in mind the engineering specialized for the PS5, as we produced the device.

In the midst of that, the PS4 already has 100 million players; we thought they ought to want to play PS4 titles on the PS5 as well indeed, so we included compatibility with the PS4.

While implementing that, we also focused our efforts on taking in the high-speed SSD and the new controller DualSense at the same time.

So, unfortunately, we could not achieve compatibility with those formats.”

A recent patent earlier this year hinted at the possibility that PS3, PS2, and PS1 games could potentially be emulated on PS5 via cloud streaming like Google Stadia or Xbox’s Project xCloud. However, it seems like it remains just a patent that never made it to the final product.

Currently, the only way to play PS2 and PS3 titles on PS4 is via PlayStation Now, a game streaming service that also allows players to download certain games to play when offline.

While PS Now includes a sizable number of playable PS2 and PS3 titles, there is currently no way to play PS1 titles on the PS4. Sony has previously confirmed that PS Now will be compatible with the PS5, but no other details have been revealed as of yet.

During the PS5 Showcase, Sony also announced the PlayStation Plus Collection, which gives subscribers on PS5 access to several of the PS4’s best games, which includes Bloodborne, 2018’s God Of WarUncharted 4, and more.

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