Your Name Live-Action Movie Gets New Director

Last year, The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb was initially attached to the Your Name live-action movie adaptation. However, he has now been replaced by Lee Isaac Chung of 2020’s Minari fame.

According to Deadline, Chung will also be reworking the script of the movie, based on the draft by Emily V. Gordon (The Big Sick) and not the first one, which was originally drafted by Eric Heisserer (Arrival).

Besides 2020’s Minari, Chung is also best known for 2007’s Munyurangabo. He is the son of Korean immigrants who grew up on a small farm in rural Arkansas. Most recently, he won the Grand Jury and Audience Awards at Sundance 2020 for Minari.

The original Your Name anime movie by Makoto Shinkai remains the highest-grossing anime film and Japanese film of all time, garnering over a whopping US$357.9 million at the worldwide box office.

Your Name tells the story of a high school boy in Tokyo and a high school girl in a rural town, who suddenly and inexplicably begin to swap bodies. Obviously, there’s more to it than that, but what could have been an overly-convoluted and messy plot turned out to be a beautiful and emotionally-stirring love story.

A Your Name movie can still potentially be good, but let’s hope that they don’t adapt Weathering With You. It’s no secret that Makoto Shinkai’s follow-up to Your Name wasn’t a good one (at least, in my opinion).

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