Here’s When The PS5 Will Get Cheaper

The PS5 has a global release date now (19 November 2020). While we’re still waiting for local retailers to begin pre-orders for the next-gen console and for Sony Malaysia to reveal the official price for the PS5, many gamers are already starting to save up their disposable income.

Some gamers prefer to wait and grab future models of the PS5, in hopes that these will potentially be more stable than the launch model. This also gives the new console more time to accrue a larger games library and lineup over time. Most importantly, perhaps the PS5 will already be cheaper by this point in time.

However, when is that going to be? When can we expect the PS5 to realistically drop lower in price?

According to e-commerce aggregator and video games market analyst iPrice Group, it is predicted that the price of the PS5 will potentially drop by May 2021, only about six months or so after its initial launch.

By May 2021, the price of the PS5 could drop to US$375.99 (or roughly RM1,555+) for the Digital Edition and US$469.99 (or roughly RM1944+) for the standard edition. That’s more than RM100+ cheaper than its launch price.

By November 2021, those prices might drop even further, to US$345.99 (or roughly RM1431+) for the Digital Edition and US$432.99 (or RM1791+) for the standard edition.

These potential drops in PS5 prices are based on data derived from the pricing history of the PS4 Pro, in which iPrice Group collected and compared selling prices of the console over the years from 150 online shopping websites.

However, keep in mind that these are based on seasonal discounts from retailers and online third-party sellers. Official price cuts from Sony usually takes a much longer time, as evident from the fact the PS4 only saw a 15 percent price drop a whopping two years after it launched.

In the meantime, if you’re still unsure whether to buy the PS5 at launch or to wait, perhaps our guide here can help you decide.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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