Princess Peach Sex Game Hit With Nintendo Takedown After 8 Long & Hard Years

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of more Nintendo takedown news; the hentai-inspired game Peach’s Untold Tale has recently drawn the ire of the Big N this year.

According to TorrentFreak, the erotic fan game made by Ivan Aedler that’s been around since 2012, the game was recently hit with a copyright takedown from Nintendo. Players hoping to get their Mushroom Kingdom jollies on will not be able to download and play the title; the Github page now features the public notice takedown letter. The DMCA notice said that Peach’s Untold Tale fell beyond fair use claims, despite the creator claiming it was a porn parody and thus falls under fair use (in theory anyway).

For those who don’t know and aren’t in tune with the hentai game scene, Peach’s Untold Tale allows the titular Princess Peach to have various sex acts with a huge roster of Super Mario enemies (multiple partner options available), and possibly get impregnated. The list includes:

  • Goomba
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Blooper
  • Wiggler
  • X-Nauts
  • BobOmb
  • Chomp
  • WrenchGuy
  • Boo
  • Flurry
  • Buzzy Beetle
  • Boo
  • Shy Guy
  • Pokey
  • Phanto
  • Chuck
  • Lakitu
  • Gombella
  • Bub-ulb
  • Yoshi
  • Bowser
  • Morton
  • Birdo
  • Bertha
  • Punio
  • Bullet Bill
  • Dry Bone (heh)

You can’t fault the developer for being lazy & thorough with options.

The last game’s update was on 19th April where Aedler said that he would “prefer to be dead” than “abandon” the game. The game racked up millions of views on various adult websites within 8 years of its development cycle. Before the takedown, the game was available for free.

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