Among Us Devs Cancel Sequel To Focus On Current Game

Among Us developer InnerSloth just announced that they have cancelled a planned sequel because of how popular the first game has become in recent weeks. Among Us is a party game where players have to to try and figure out who is sabotaging the crew of their spaceship, or the ‘imposter’, so to speak.

It is now the third most-played game on Steam (where it costs only RM12.50), and the game is even free-to-play on mobile platforms; Android and iOS. It’s amazing how a name that was originally released in 2018 can suddenty become such a hit two years later thanks (mostly) to Twitch.

In an official blog post, the developer states that the main reason they were planning a sequel in the first place was because the codebase of the first Among Us is so outdated and not built to support adding so much new content.

They said:

However, seeing how many people are enjoying Among Us 1 really makes us want to be able to support the game and take it to the next level.

We have decided to cancel Among Us 2 and instead put all our focus into improving Among Us 1.

All of the content we had planned for Among Us 2 will instead go into Among Us 1.

This is probably the more difficult choice because it means going deep into the core code of the game and reworking several parts of it.

We have lots of things planned and we’re excited to bring new content to everyone as you continue to enjoy playing!

In the same update, InnerSloth also revealed other improvements that players can look forward to, including promised fixes for server issues, colourblind support, a friends/account system, and a whole new stage.

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