Leaked Starfield Images Appears In Orbit

First (and last) seen at E3 2018, Bethesda’s first original RPG in over 20 years received very little coverage – until recently. Through an alleged leak appearing on image hosting site imgur, several game-related images have been making its rounds online; much to the chagrin of Bethesda fans and what we’d assume, a very unpleasant weekend for some folks at Bethesda.

We won’t want to risk getting asked to take down the images mentioned by posting them here, so you can check them out yourselves by clicking on this link here.  However, if for whatever reason you are unable to, allow us to briefly describe them to you. The first image shows what appears to be either a logo of a particular faction, perhaps just a hodge podge of geometrical shapes intended for use as the game’s loading screen or what we think is most plausible – the hud element which denotes gravity and oxygen levels. Since it is Bethesda. RPG. Space. There’s definitely going to be some environmental survival element jammed into the game ala Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky.

The second image shows a person in a spacesuit just outside of a viewing deck while the third – which is also the most interesting one – is a full rendering of a spaceship complete with its cockpit, main engine, directional boosters and what appears to be an escape pod section. At first glance, we got an impression that it might be a freight or cargo ship ala The Millennium Falcon although its silhouette is almost similar to Din Djarin’s ship, The Razor Crest as seen in The Mandalorian tv show.

However, whether these images are legit or not, remains to be seen. We are just excited to see something coming out of Bethesda and a space adventure, RPG game is exactly what we need.

Author: Kenn Leandre

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