The Top 10 Gachas of Genshin Impact (As Of 29th September)

This list may be updated on a monthly basis, depending on how the meta changes. So far, based on our team’s experience and a couple of their associates who have played the closed beta, these are our top 10 picks after much deliberation. In no particular order, here they are:

Klee (Pyro)

Role: DPS

If you want a party member to literally blow s*** up and prioritize AoE damage, this 5-star kid will sort you out. Her elemental skill Jumpy Dumpty is basically the game’s equivalent of cluster grenades that also drops mines. Her Sparks n’ Splash elemental burst continuously summons AoE Pyro damage which makes for a great mob-killing tool.

Coupled with her Pounding Surprise passive that powers up your next charged attack for not stamina cost, and she makes for a great damage dealer. Just keep in mind not to switch characters while her Sparks n Splash is going on, otherwise it’ll be wasted.

Diluc (Pyro)

Role: DPS

Genshin Impact’s #1 husbando and wine cellar/bar owner hits hard and can carry with the best of them; he is a 5-star Pyro user after all. You can chain his regular attacks and then follow up with his elemental skill Searing Onslaught, or cancel the animation in-between with a regular attack to keep the ability going. His elemental burst, Dawn, does AoE damage and also buffs Diluc with increased Pyro damage. That’s pretty useful in clearing the room especially when they’re wood shield-bearing heavies.

He is a heck of an investment, because all of his game-breaking passives and abilities are locked under constellations. It’ll take a while until you unlock his true damage potential, though he is the best Pyro melee you should hang onto.

Chongyun (Cryo)

Role: Enabler, DPS

Want to activate Freeze like Kaeya but do a better job at actually dealing damage? Chongyun the 4-star ass-kicker is the best at that.

His elemental skill Chonghua’s Layered Frost is great in creating cryo-related reactions for the party. Sure, it only applies to melee attacks, but that means you just need to either stick with Chongyun or switch to a heavy hitter when needed. Chongyun’s elemental burst Cloud-Parting Star is a low energy burst damage attack with decent cooldown.

Qiqi (Cryo)

Role: Support

If you need a Cryo-based healer with some nasty gimmicks, Qiqi the 5-star zombie can definitely sort you out.

Her elemental skill, Herald of Frost, summons a Cryo satellite that orbits the field character and periodically heals them, while also damaging anyone foolish enough to stand close to them. Her elemental burst, Preserver of Fortune, deals AoE Cryo damage and afflicts enemies with a special Talisman icon. If any party member hits an enemy with a Talisman, they get back a good chunk of health.

These Talismans do stick onto enemies for a good amount of time, meaning you can switch to your party member with the least health and get healed up and stuffed like as if you’re in a zombie buffet. The Cryo-enabling abilities from her moves also help immensely in replacing any starter level Cryo characters in your party.

Barbara (Hydro)

Role: Support, Tank

This 4-star pop star-slash-priestess waifu is all about the heals and supporting. Her elemental skill Let The Show Begin brings up water droplets that surrounds Barbara, healing the on-field character for bits. If she damages enemies while this is in effect, she heals the party for a tad. Her Shining Miracle elemental burst restores a large amount of HP for the team; save it when things are dire and you need healing quick.

The best part? She can “overheal” herself, meaning she can get hit points beyond her max health, making her a possible tank in your party. Just keep in mind that Let The Show Begin will inflict the wet status for a second, so make sure you aren’t inflicted with elemental effects that react negatively to wet status, lest you want to get frozen on the spot or worse.

She’s currently on this month’s special gacha banner (using Intertwined Fates), so there’s a good chance you can draw her if you’re feeling lucky.

Xingqiu (Hydro)

Role: DPS, Enabler, Support

This 4-star gentleman is a jack of all trades, but a master of Hydro-enabling somewhat. He can carry, he can enable elements, he can support: his kit and passives are meant to fill up party roles that aren’t made available.

His elemental skill Fatal Rainscreen deals damage, causes wet status, and summons Rain swords around him that increases his knockdown and damage resistance. His elemental burst Raincutter summons homing Hydro-powered swords whenever he attacks an enemy, as well as summon the maximum number of Rain swords around him. With decent damage and passives, a nifty Rain sword ability for sustaining, and good enabling skills, he’s worth investing in if he ends up in your gacha rolls.

Razor (Electro)

Role: DPS

The wolfman cometh! If you want a 4-star Electro-themed damage dealer who can dish it out, Razor’s your man. His abilities all revolve around the use of his elemental burst, Lightning Fang. He summons a wolf apparition that acts as his “Stand” that deals Electro damage with increased attack speed in tandem with his regular attacks.

His elemental skill Claw and Thunder builds up charge, which then unleashes an AoE attack if you press and hold the skill key for a follow-up special attack. Because he’s good at dealing damage, it’s best to build a team around him that complements his Electro-enabling skills or help him slather elemental effects that react well with Electro onto enemies.

Fischl (Electro)

Role: DPS, Enabler

This 4-star bow user deals a f***ton of damage in the long run if you plan on leveling and ascending her in the long term. Her elemental skill Nightrider lets her summon her bird pal Oz to deal Electro damage and continuously attack enemies Fischl is targeting. Her elemental burst Midnight Phantasmagoria turns Fischl into Oz temporarily, damaging anyone in her path and giving them Electro status. It also refreshes Oz’s duration, or summons Oz again depending on the situation.

Her damage potential is due to her Ascension passives; if she gets Lightning Smite, she can deal bonus Electro damage based on 80% of her attack. In other words, do what you can to level and ascend her up if you somehow get her in your gacha roll. In fact, it’s best to start using your acquired Intertwined Fate to try your luck gachaing her since her special banner event is up (that uses Intertwined Fates).

Jean (Anemo)

Role: Support, DPS

The Acting Grandmaster of the Knights, this 5-star general can heal in a pinch too thanks to her powerful elemental burst Dandelion Field. This awesome super skill instantly restores a large amount of health for the party while also pushing back nearby enemies via Anemo force. It also acts as a temporary healing field that also damages enemies entering and exiting the field. Her elemental skill Gale Blade pulls in nearby enemies and pushes them away for good damage; use this to get cheap victories from high places.

Just remember that your characters are inflicted with Anemo status effects when inside the Dandelion Field, so be careful of enemies who have elemental spells that can trigger swirl reactions like Pyro.

Venti (Anemo)

Role: Support, Enabler

This 5-star mischievous bard wields a pretty good elemental burst, Wind’s Grand Ode, that creates an Anemo vortex that disables enemies and damages them in the vortex’s AoE. It also reacts to any element and deals increased damage. Thus, it makes for a great tool for gathering enemies in one spot and them shooting them like fish in a barrel.

Of course, you’ll need to gather energy for your burst, so you’ll have to mix it up with Venti’s aims and charged shots, as well as his elemental skill Skyward Sonnet. It also can be used to solve puzzles and trigger certain switches from afar, like those sigils that are way out of reach for regular arrows.

In short, Venti’s a good support for your Anemo-powered Traveler. He is currently on this month’s gacha banner, so there’s a good chance you can get him in one of your rolls (using Intertwined Fates).

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