Apex Legends Is Definitely Going Mobile & Is Looking For Folks To Design It


There’s a good chance you can take EA and Respawn’s team-based battle royale shooter Apex Legends on the go, thanks to recent job listings.

Respawn Entertainment is looking for people to work on its upcoming mobile version, new UI systems, and improved microtransactions and store options. Specifically, a senior game designer for the mobile version:

“We’re looking for a Senior Game Designer who will lead the design vision for one of our unannounced mobile games. [Must be able to] conceptualize and communicate new and engaging gameplay experiences and establish player experience goals for designs, implement and tune features to meet those goals.”

The company is also searching for a senior technical analyst to analyze and provide Apex Legends insight to make the game more fun for players, as well as a new Senior UX technical designer, a Technical Designer on MTX events and “monetization aspects of the game”.

The iOS and Android version of Apex Legends will be out right after the Nintendo Switch version is out. Meanwhile, the game’s Season 7 will be coming out early November.

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