The PS5 Standardizes The Confirm Button To X For All Countries

Asia, looks like our time using the Circle button on a PlayStation controller for future Sony game boxes is coming to an end.

According to dozens of Japanese media who had a hands-on with the PS5 this weekend like 4Gamer, Dengeki Online, and AV Watch, the X button is now the official confirmation button of PlayStation5 worldwide. Previously, we’ve all used the Circle button for all R3 games since the first PlayStation back in the late 90s. This is done to avoid situations where the confirmation button would change when operating the system and playing games from other countries.

So how does the PS5 look? Well, you can gauge the vids for yourself below. Just some tidbits to take into account:

  • The system generates low noise. You can barely hear anything that sounded like a fan spinning as Godfall is playing in a 30 degree Celsius room with max settings.
  • The games loaded fast, as per expected from next-gen consoles.

The PS5 will be available on 12th November in most regions. While there’s no news of pre-orders in Malaysia at this point in time, you can pre-order your upcoming console in Singapore right now in places like and Harvey Norman.

Top image credit: AV Watch

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