You Can’t Play Godfall Online, But It’s Not A Live-Service Game

Upcoming Gearbox-published action RPG “looter-slasher” Godfall will be playable in solo or co-op mode. However, you’ll have to be online no matter what. This is confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account.

Which is pretty normal in this day and age where Diablo 3 and other earlier titles set the trend back in 2012. We’re guessing this is to prevent cheating ala Diablo 2. If folks are offline with an action RPG game, what’s to stop people from creating trainers and third-party mods to reward themselves with the best loot right out of the gate? Though to be fair, there’s no PvP in Godfall, as far as we know.

Godfall will be out this 12th November for PC (via Epic Games Store) and PS5. If you’re curious as to see how the game’s UI look, skip to 30:16 on the video below.

Super clean, intuitive, and does not get in the way of the heavy metal fantasy aesthetics. Just the way I like it.

Author: Mr Toffee

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