During a press conference for Level Up KL 2020 earlier today, Streamline Studios COO Stefan M. Baier revealed that the Malaysian-made game co-op game Bake ‘N Switch will be getting a free major update sometime in October 2020.

The free update will introduce a Halloween-themed event called Shroomageddon, which will add the following:

  • 14 new maps.
  • 50 new maps for singleplayer.
  • 1 miniboss.
  • 6 new fluorescent costumes.
  • The ability to select any bun as your avatar in the roadmap.

In addition, the free update will also add a brand new singleplayer campaign with a pun-tastic name to boot; Bun Solo.

Bake ‘N Switch is currently available for the PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch, but it’s coming soon to the PS4 in the future as well. In the meantime, check out the trailer below:

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