Prison Architect Is Free To Play Until 11th October

Indie prison-building simulation Prison Architect is turning 5 this year. To celebrate, developer Introversion Software is making the game free to download and play from now until 11th October on Steam. That’s basically 5 days until it goes back to being a paid title.

Its publisher Paradox Interactive also shared some interesting tidbits about Prison Architect:

  • 8,951,166 prisons built
  • 806,190,699 inmates
  • 5,744,636 shakedowns
  • 2,783,852 tunnel searches
  • 1,775,636 lockdowns

If you have no time to try it out from now until 11th October, you can buy the game at 80% off starting 12th October. It’ll cost RM10.20. 

This indie title is a complex and challenging simulation that offers huge satisfaction for those wanting that power fantasy of building the perfect Alcatraz or Guantanamo Bay. The game has been updated a number of times with both free and paid DLC.


Author: Mr Toffee

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