The Empire Strikes Back With These New Adidas Star Wars Shoes

Adidas and Star Wars are collaborating yet again for another line of shoes to commemorate the 40th anniversary 0f 1980’s Star Wars Episode Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.

The new Adidas Star Wars collection consists of several new shoes, which you can check out below:


​​Issued in collaboration with Lucasfilm, this NMD shoe is one of four sneakers that celebrate the 40th Star Wars anniversary of Episode V. The hues of Lando’s outfit on The Empire Strikes Back colour this smooth sneaker.

His picture on the tongue and one of his famous quotes confirm that this is, in fact, his shoe. Special lace jewels, a poster, the print on the sockliner, and the packaging were all designed to celebrate the occasion.​​

A responsive Boost midsole doesn’t just cushion your feet as you walk on the concrete pavements, it gives you energy back with every step you take.


The captain of the Millennium Falcon inspires this fresh take on this classic sneaker. Sleek like Han Solo, the colours of the ZX 2K Boost are chosen to match his outfit. ​​

Mixing the heritage of the original ZX silhouette with responsive Boost technology, this ZX 2K Boost won’t quit till you’ve reached your destination and has the retro-futuristic style of Han Solo. Notice how this sneaker also has a belt and a large buckle? Just like the one he wore in The Empire Strikes Back.​​

With a scene from the movie printed on the sockliner, special lace jewels, a poster, and unique packaging, you’ll know this release is created to celebrate the 40th Star Wars anniversary of Episode V.


“RROOAARRGGHH!” is one of his most famous lines on The Empire Strikes Back. This redesign of the classic Rivalry Hi is made to honour the 7’5” loyal Wookiee: Chewbacca. ​

What feels like strands of Chewie’s hair sit on the upper of this Rivalry Hi, making this fan-favourite Star Wars character somewhat more tangible. A piece on the tongue of the shoe gives a nod to the belt he wore on The Empire Strikes Back.

The sockliner has a print featuring him on it. The special packaging includes dedicated lace jewels and a poster. ​​

A clear choice to represent Chewie, the Rivalry silhouette was first created for the basketball courts in the ’80s before being adopted by the skateboarding, punk, and BMX scenes then eventually becoming the streetwear icon it is today.


A redesign of the Top Ten Hi silhouette to honour the mysterious bounty hunter with few words and many fans. A special colourway with the same hues that made Boba Fett stand out from his imperial mates. ​​

Debuted in 1979, just one year before the release of The Empire Strikes Back, the Top Ten Hi was first designed for high performance on the basketball courts. It is one of the most celebrated Adidas streetwear silhouettes today and its minimal design makes it a perfect representation of Boba Fett.

It even has holes that allow the skin to breathe just like his armour. The print on the sockliner shows him standing at Lando Calrissian’s base next to Darth Vader’s troopers.

On the inside flap of the attached pocket, you’ll read his iconic line: “You can run, but you’ll only die tired”. A poster and Star Wars lace jewels are included in the special packaging of this shoe.

You can head on over to the official Adidas Star Wars store here to purchase your own. In the meantime, check out my review of the recently-released Star Wars Squadrons here.

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