The Genshin Impact lovefest continues. Not only is it being played and tuned into by a ton of Southeast Asian and worldwide gamers, as well as changing some people’s perception on F2P games, but it’s also making a lot of bank.

How much? Try US$100 million and more within the first two weeks of its release. According to data from several confirmed sources, Mihoyo’s online RPG has made upwards of US$100 million within 12 days. Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad projected that the game will have made more than US$150 million in a month or two.

The game’s development budget was US$100 million, which means they may have recouped their costs and are making a profit from their cherished Breath of the Wild lookalike.¬†Welp, they’re pretty close to that goal.

The chief reason it got to that much is definitely its free-to-play system and the attractive characters and weaponry you can get and roll for via real money. While the majority of the game is accessible and playable, and while your starting characters are enough to get by, Genshin Impact is built to entice you to pay money for that sweet lootbox-opening chance. Except they’re not in boxes and they’re comprised of falling stars you make wishes upon.

Despite that and its similar Breath of the Wild art style, Genshin Impact is a pretty fun RPG with great combat mechanics and some puzzles or two to keep you occupied. It also gets pretty grind-ey in the late game especially if you want a fully max-level party of four. And the aforementioned gacha system might be a turn-off for many people used to buying finished games with up-front cash.


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