Monster Hunter Movie Will Have Palicoes & Meowscular Chef

The upcoming Monster Hunter movie from Sony is really trying to nail the look and tone of the game it’s based on, as well as get the blessing from Capcom’s series producer and director Ryozo Tsujimoto and Kaname Fujioka (via IGN).

A good PR stunt, sure, but this should at least placate fans of the series. Film director Paul W.S. Anderson also confirmed at last weekend’s New York Comic Con Monster Hunter panel that the upcoming Monster Hunter movie will feature both Palicoes and the Meowscular Chef.

“Well, you couldn’t make a Monster Hunter movie without having a Palico in it. So definitely we lean into the Palico.”

Yes, the cat slaves/field companions in Monster Hunter World will be in the upcoming film starring Milla Jovovich. And yes, the Meowscular Chef will have a story bit where he is smitten with Milla Jovovich’s character Captain Artemis.

“We have one of the characters, Meowscular Chef, who’s the Admiral’s sidekick, who’s a fantastic character, who has this rather flirtatious relationship with Milla, which is really interesting.”

Paul W.S. Anderson also has some choice quotes regarding the monsters in the film.

“I love the Rathalos, because the Rathalos is pretty much the rock star of the Monster Hunter video games. It’s been in nearly all of the games. It’s probably one of the hardest creatures to kill. It’s just badass. So I’m very excited that that’s in our movie.”

“I love the Black Diablos. The Diablos is a creature that I just like, but the Black Diablos is particularly nasty because that’s a female Diablos that’s in heat. So it’s just very angry and very territorial.”

Monster Hunter will be in cinemas(?) April 2021.

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