Update: the Burger King PS5 ad is just a US-based promotion for a PS5 giveaway by purchasing a select product through the company’s app (via a soon-to-be-fired Burger King employee).

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Earlier today, a peculiar Burger King ad went viral on Twitter. What’s weird about the ad is that it seemingly teases an incoming PS5-related reveal on 15 October 2020, which is two days from now.

The Burger King ad features the Burger King mascot himself repeatedly peeking into a big Burger King paper bag. Every time he opens it, we hear a sound that could potentially be the PS5’s startup sound.

It’s bizarre how we’re only a month away from the launch of the PS5, and we might only be hearing the PS5 startup sound (and possibly its UI too) in a collaboration between Sony and Burger King of all things.

See for yourself.

Below the same tweet, video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out that there was recently an actual Sony patent where interactive advertisements could be part of the PS5 experience.

According to the patent, users could potentially interact with live ads through gestures or voice commands, For example, shouting Burger King aloud during a Burger King commercial will end the advertisement and even incur some sort of reward in return (perhaps a coupon or something).

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen what exactly the nature of the Burger King PlayStation ad ultimately is. We’ll have to wait until 15 October 2020 and see what it turns out to be.

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