This Next Update Will Make Call of Duty Modern Warfare Smaller For PC

The ever-active first-person military shooter and multiplayer jamboree Call of Duty Modern Warfare “features” such a huge install size that it literally cannot fit onto 250GB SSDs, which is a new level of game install absurdities. Thankfully with the upcoming 1.28 patch, that will not be the case.

Sort of. The next Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1.28 patch is going to allow mode-specific uninstallation options, and only keep the modes you want. It will be available later today.

While it doesn’t actually reduce the total install size of the entire game, it is understandable given its eventual expansion from the base game, ranging from the co-op modes to the games-as-a-service battle royale. Still, this is a win for PC Modern Warfare players. Console gamers will have to rely on other means to keep their copy of their shooter somehow.

Modern Warfare is now on its 6th season; you get to use two new operators, new subway train maps, and a kick-ass sniper rifle. And yes, there’s ANOTHER frickin’ Call of Duty game on the way, because it’s not like as if this 2019 Modern Warfare is enough for Activision and its shareholders, right?

Author: Mr Toffee

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