Black Ops Cold War Crossplay Beta Gets Double XP This Weekend

The Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta is still underway:

(Cross-Play Beta)

  • 15 to 16 October 2020 – Xbox and PC Early Access, PS4 Open Beta.
  • 17 to 19 October 2020 – Open Beta On All Platforms.

Starting today on 16 October 2020, Treyarch has announced that players can look forward to Double XP & Double Weapon XP in the Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta.

In addition, everyone who reaches Level 10 in the Beta will unlock the “Mutual Animosity” SMG Weapon Blueprint at launch, which comes equipped with multiple attachments ready to go on day one.

There will also be several new stuff in the crossplay beta, including:


Players can drop across two massive maps in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb, involving ten squads and 40 players.

You and your squad will fight off nine other Fireteams to collect uranium, locate Dirty Bombs, deposit your uranium, and detonate the bombs to spread radiation across the map and take the win before anyone else.



With the level cap increase to 31 at the start of the Crossplay Open Beta, players will be able to rank up to unlock new weapons, Perks, equipment, and more to deploy on the battlefield. These include:

  • WEAPONS: LW3 – Tundra sniper rifle, QBZ-83 assault rifle + more
  • PERKS: Cold Blooded, Flak Jacket
  • SCORESTREAK: Napalm Strike
  • WILDCARD: Gunfighter
  • EQUIPMENT: Molotov
  • CUSTOM CLASS: Slot #10

On 17 October 2020, the level cap will be raised again to 40 for even more content to unlock:

  • WEAPONS: RPD light machine gun, RPG-7 launcher, Magnum pistol + more
  • PERKS: Quartermaster, Ninja
  • SCORESTREAKS: Air Patrol, Chopper Gunner
  • WILDCARD: Perk Greed
  • EQUIPMENT: Decoy, Semtex


Hardpoint and Control will also be in the Crossplay Open Beta. Long-time players have known Hardpoint since its introduction in Black Ops 2: two teams fight to control a the Hardpoint (or “hill”) as it rotates throughout the map. Stay inside the Hardpoint and keep the other team from contesting to earn points.

In Black Ops Cold War, you’ll see a visual indicator showing where the next Hardpoint will appear 10 seconds before the next push begins. Coordinate with your team to reach the score limit, or earn more points than the other team before time runs out to win.

On 17 October 2020, Control joins our selection of 6v6 modes in the Crossplay Open Beta. Opposing teams fight to capture or defend two objectives on the map or wipe out the other team before running out of lives.

Each team of up to six players has 30 lives distributed among the team, injecting a new layer of strategy for both attacking and defending teams.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is slated to release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC via on 13 November 2020, and for PS5 and Xbox Series X sometime this holiday.

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