The Toughest Boss In Final Fantasy XIV Right Now Is A Red Chocobo…

Chocobos have always been a cute staple, mascot, and reliable mount in the Final Fantasy series. Their red variants, on the other hand, are anything but friendly.

They’re usually bloodthirsty (in Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII)…

…and have a fondness for death metal.

In Final Fantasy XIV, they’re pretty scary. The game recently received a new patch that adds in a new area called the Bozjan Southern Front, where red chocobos can spawn. And it’s quite a bloodbath.

The latest critical engagement encounter you’ll get from this update is not a follow-up to the Warrior of Light and Darkness, but is arguably more fearsome: Red Comet the Red Chocobo. Most encounters with Red Comet usually have dozens of players in them. Said dozen usually end up wiped.

Memes soon start to follow, where this portrait of a killer is the subject of fear and loathing.


I’d like to thank my chocobos for their hard work. from ffxiv

Getting mixed signals… from ffxiv

We doubt Red Comet’s critical engagement will be nerfed anytime soon. So grin and bear the meteors and the “kwek” you hear as you breathe your last. At least you won’t wipe alone.

Fun fact: legendary RPG designer & director Yasumi Matsuno helmed Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, both of which feature OP Red Chocobo fights. FFXIV’s content is mostly a tribute to Matsuno’s world of Ivalice, to the point where Matsuno himself designed the Return to Ivalice raid. Which also features red chocobos and player deaths associated with the bird. Huh.




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