StarCraft 2 Vets Form New RTS-Focused Studio

Last week, Blizzard announced that they have stopped the development of new content for StarCraft 2.

Now, a group of former Blizzard developers and veterans (who previously worked on StarCraft 2, amongst others) have formed a new studio called Frost Giant Studios. The new company will focus primarily on real-time strategy (RTS) games.

On the official website of Frost Giant Studios, it is stated:

“Our mission is to build the next great PC real-time strategy game!

We’ve been privileged to work for some of the greatest companies in the industry. 

Now it’s our turn to carry forward the legacy of epic storytelling, innovative co-op gameplay, and celebrated esports that make RTS great.”

The current team includes:

  • Tim Morten, production director and CEO (Former Production Director of StarCraft 2 and Command And Conquer: Generals 2)
  • Tim Campbell, game director and president (Former Game Director of Wasteland 3, Lead Campaign Designer of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne)
  • Cara LaForge, Business Operations Lead (Former Senior Program Manager at Blizzard Esports, co-founder of Day[9]TV)
  • Jesse Brophy, Art Director (Former Lead Artist on StarCraft 2 and Principal Artist on Diablo 4)
  • Ryan Schutter, Lead UX Designer (Former Lead Designer on StarCraft 2, creator of GameHeart)
  • Kevin Dong, Lead Co-Op Designer (Former Lead Co-Op Designer on StarCraft 2, Project Manager for Team Liquid)
  • Joseph Shunk, Lead Client Engineer (Former Gameplay Engineer on StarCraft 2 and Warcraft 3: Reforged)
  • Austin Hudelson, Lead Server Engineer (Former Server Engineer for StarCraft 2)
  • Micky Neilson, Writer (Former Publishing Lead and Senior Writer at Blizzard)

In the meantime, check out the trailer and meet the development team below:

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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