Here’s The Schedule For This Year’s ESGS Online Game Expo

The Philippines’ Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) is going online this year for obvious reasons. Thanks to COVID-19 and the pandemic, everyone is taking their gaming events online, and organizers Gariath Concepts are doing the same to keep ESGS going.

Here’s the schedule for this year’s online offerings. Each stream will start at 11am. We’ll be updating this page closer to the actual event.

Broadcast link:

Day 1 (23rd October)

First Half

  • Day 1 Opening
  • Indie Party: Bayani by Ranida Games
  • Launchpad: Corsair
  • Game Room: Taipei Game Show
  • Team Mountain Dew Meet & Greet + MLBB Showmatch
  • Legion Games- Rainbow Six Siege Open Championship Grand Finals

Second Half

  • Indie Party: Rising Hell by Toge Publishing
  • TNC Predator & Akosidogie by Predator
  • Cosplay Competition by PLDT
  • Indie Party: No Straight Roads by Metronomik
  • Astra Arena: Asus ROG (Dota 2 Online championship grand finals)
  • Day 1 Closing

Day 2 (24th October)

First Half

  • Day 2 Opening
  • Indie Party: PBA Slam by Ranida Games
  • Game Room: Fall Guys
  • ASUS ROG Call of Duty Mobile Open
  • Hearthstone Feature by Blizzard
  • Meet & Greet: Junnieboy + PUBGM Exhibition Match by Mountain Dew

Second Half

  • Game Room: World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
  • Lenovo product feature
  • Alodia & Dexie Play Among Us by PLDT Home
  • Indie Party: Bake ‘N Switch by Streamline Studios
  • Legion Games Mobile Legends Open Championship
  • Day 2 Closing

Day 3 (25th October)

First Half

  • Day 3 Opening
  • Indie Party: Lithium Games by  Games by Nico
  • Indie Party: Neon Tail by Rocket Juice Games
  • Indie Party: Fight of Animals by Digital Crafter
  • Mountain Dew PUBG Mobile Open Tournament

Second Half

  • TNC Show Match
  • ASUS Product Feature
  • Indie Party: Jack Axe by Keybol Games
  • Square Enix Special Feature
  • PLDT Home Valorant Open Tournament
  • Day 3 Closing


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