You Can Get Free Genshin Impact Primogems By Inviting Others To Play

Genshin Impact is hosting a new in-game event called Adventurers, Assemble where existing players can snag some free Mora (in-game cash) and Primogems (currency you need to get wishes & stuff). It’s simple, really: from now until 27th November, players who are Adventurer Rank 15 and higher can acquire and share a code to create an Adventure Bond with newcomers. By doing so, both players will get Mora and Primogems when they advance in ranking.

When the code is used & shared, they earn 10,000 Mora. When the player reaches Adventurer Rank 15, they get 60 Primogems. They also get an additional 60 Primogems when their subsequent invited friend hits Rank 15. Yes, you can have multiple Adventurer Bonds for more Primogems. No, you can’t have 11 or more invites: 10 is the maximum and players can only accept one code. You obviously cannot double up your free loot.

If you’re below Adventurer Rank 7, you can get rewards from those invitation codes too: you’ll get 10,000 Mora, 10 pieces of Fine Enhancement Ore, and 10 Adventurer’s Experience exp-giving items if you use one. Protip: use our guide if you want to level up fast.

There’s also a giveaway where 30 randomly-selected Genshin Impact players will get Airpods Pro. To be in the running, you need to post your invitation code and UID in the comments section of the Genshin Pro Facebook page, Twitter, or forums. Oh, and invite at least two new players who achieve Adventurer Rank 15. Details here.

Author: Mr Toffee

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