Final Fantasy VII Remake Was Supposed To Have A Tifa Chapter, But…

Final Fantasy VII Remake was a heckuva love letter for late 90s JRPG fans and PlayStation gamers, though it had a few rough edges here and there with some of its story bits. But did you know that we were robbed of a Tifa-focused section?

Turns out the game’s level designer Yuri Hioki confirmed on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania guidebook (via Twitter’s @aitakimochi) that there was supposed to be a special mission where Tifa took lead. This was after she was separated from Cloud at the Sector 5 reactor. This mission would have taken place around Chapter 7, thus connecting to the bit where she was being escorted to Don Corneo’s place.

Here are a few more quotes regarding the scrapped level:

The level concept was to show the beginnings of the tragedy that would unfold with the Sector 7 plate and also show Tifa’s charm as she takes on the role of a heroine. The scenario would start off with a rainy scene that would set the mood where you meet with Jessie.

Jessie would brief Tifa on the supposed devastating plans regarding the Sector 7 plate. There would also be some suspicious activity in the slums where the player would wonder what exactly is going on?

The second part of the scenario would show Tifa’s charm, depicting her thoughts about her friends and Cloud, her strength as a Heroine, her bravery, kindness, and style too. Characters involved would be Barret, Marlene, Jessie, and Marle.

The third part of the scenario would have involved showing more about Marle, Marlene, Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge and their own charm as well. It would also touch upon Tifa’s doubt and unease at Cloud’s disappearance. It would also have more lore about Avalanche’s ties with Wutai.

It would be great if this was future DLC for the game, given that this bit was still halfway in production before the axe. On a Tifa-related note, the guide also revealed Tifa’s bra size in her bio: Japan G70. That’s roughly a size 32″ DDD. In case you were wondering, of course.

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