PS5 Faceplate Company Cancels Orders After Sony Takes Legal Action

A company that already opened pre-orders for custom PS5 faceplates have been forced to cancel them and even rebrand their name after Sony decided to take legal action.

According to VGC, is now This is because the website name apparently infringed on Sony’s trademarks and IP, which includes the PS5 faceplates.

If the company had continued to make and sell custom PS5 faceplates, Sony threatened that they would both “end up in court.” As such, all pre-orders for custom PS5 faceplates have been cancelled, and the company will switch to “legal console skins” and other products.

Well, being able to pre-order custom PS5 faceplates is one thing. Currently, some countries, especially those in Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Thailand, can’t even pre-order the PS5 yet.

The PS5 is slated to release in the US and selected countries on 12 November 2020, before releasing worldwide on 19 November 2020.

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Author: Alleef Ashaari

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