As EA Play Reaches 6.5 Million Paid Subscribers, The Company Plans To Double Down

For those who were skeptical about people paying actual money to EA Play and its subscription model, well, do we have some eye-opening news for you.

Earlier today on an investor call (via PC Gamer), EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the company’s multiplatform subscription service is at its most successful this year, garnering more than 6.5 million paid subscribers. The company also predicts its numbers will double in the next 12 months, especially since the service will be on Microsoft Game Pass later on 10th November.

“This is actually entitlement to the EA Play subscription, and as a result of that relationship that we have with those players who make those subscriptions, that will be the same as if we sold it outside the platform. So you’ll continue to see us think about our subscription broadly across platforms, and making it available to any player, wherever they want, in any way they need, with as little friction as possible.”

EA Play was live on Steam on 31st August.


Author: Mr Toffee

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