Marvel Avengers Made Square Enix Lose US$63 Million

To say that Marvel’s Avengers the game is a huge disappointment is putting it lightly. It wasn’t a good multiplayer superhero brawler game. Guess Square Enix got hit hard by negative public reception.

Based on their recent second quarter 2021 financial report, the company reported a US$63 million loss over the last few months thanks to Marvel’s Avengers. This is according to a tweet from Astri Advisory Japan KK founder David Gibson.

Square Enix did not disclose how many copies were sold, but chances are Square Enix moved 3 million copies across all platforms. To break even, they needed to sell 5 million. Thankfully their Final Fantasy offerings help offset that bit of bad news (Final Fantasy VII Remake, FFXIV in the long term).

For more context on why Avengers did not live up to our expectations, read our review. 

Author: Mr Toffee

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