New Warzone Update Adds RC-XD Killstreak & Private Matches

The latest Call Of Duty Warzone update has arrived and it’s around 33GB. According to the official patch notes, the battle royale game now adds private matches. However, these require specific player counts to even start the match, with three modes to choose from:

  • BR – 50 players required to start (also has squad variations).
  • Plunder – 30 players required to start (also has squad variations).
  • Mini BR – 24 players required.

Another interesting addition that eagle-eyed players have noticed is the return of the RC-XD (Remote Controlled-Explosive Device) Killstreak. There’s a new contract that players can take, where their tactical slot will be momentarily replaced with a modified heartbeat sensor that functions as a Geiger counter.

Players will have to search for a dot on the map and find a box decorated in a U.S.S.R. themed design. Inside it, they’ll find the RC-XD killstreak. Just like before, it’s fast, supports jumps and even has a returning boost function from the original Call Of Duty Black Ops.

However, the RC-XD killstreak isn’t mentioned in the patch notes, so perhaps it was actually meant for the upcoming release of Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War on 13 November 2020.

(Image Credits: Charlie Intel)

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