Xbox Series X Videos Allegedly Shows Smoke Rising From Vents

[Update]: Seems like this may be a hoax that requires the use of a vape. More below.

There’s an Xbox console video going around on social media, and it may not be for the better.

Reddit user Hirsutophilia said on the Xbox Series X subreddit that his friend’s new Xbox Series X console “came with a campfire” feature. Basically it’s a video of the Xbox Series X vent pouring smoke out. This is followed by a post from Twitter user Arek_Adamowicz showing the same thing but at a different angle.

Buddy of mines new xbox came with a campfire feature. from XboxSeriesX

So far, there are two video-recorded instances of smoke pouring out of the pretty hot vent of the Xbox Series X. There is another Reddit thread stating that another Xbox Series X user noticing his Xbox starting to “smoke” and “giving off a funny smell”. This may indicate a burned-out electrical component within the console.

Could this be the Xbox’s “Red Ring of Death” but in 2020? At this point in time, it’s way too early to declare this as a widespread issue. Microsoft has yet to comment on this, so any official word would also help clear the air (of smoke).

[Update]: turns out there might be a trick to make that smoking Xbox Series X photo work. All you need is a vape (via Tom Warren):

Microsoft joined in on the debunking fun with this PSA:

No matter what you end up buying, consoles at launch and pre-launch will usually come with unexpected faults. Remember: a PS5 overheated in a supermarket display case a week ago in the US. As a general rule, turn the switch off for your next-gen console; we mean the switch next to the power adaptor, not the console power button. As cool as Quick Resume is, you may want to shut the whole thing off once in a while to prevent these sort of alleged mishaps from happening. Plus, conserving power and electricity is always good.

Thankfully, we haven’t come across such issues when reviewing the Xbox Series X. Check out our final word on the Series X and its retro-futuristic cousin the Xbox Series S here.

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