Destiny 2 Beyond Light’s Latest Lost Sector Exploit Has Been Fixed

So just yesterday when Destiny 2: Beyond Light went live for all looter shooter fans and Bungie aficionados, eagle-eyed players noticed that there is a way to power-level your way easily to the soft cap 1200 Light Level. Or at least there was before the eventual patch.

See, players could go to a specific lost sector in EDZ near Trostland (Widow’s Walk) to farm a Fallen boss and his Shanks who drops power orbs for a damage buff, making the farm pretty quick to do either by yourself or with a Fireteam. The engrams here will give you loot that is ten times higher than your current Light Level and is a guaranteed Purple, meaning you will level up to 1200 if you spent an hour farming.

Trust us, we tried it out and it worked. Of course, Bungie was quick to spot it and quickly patched it out. The drop rate for legendaries in Widow’s Walk lost sector is now drastically reduced.

While it’s sad, it’s good for Bungie for making us work harder and smarter for our loot and leveling up.

Author: Mr Toffee

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