Retro PC Gamers; There’s A New DOSBox Coming To Town

If you want to play some old abandonware PC games with an emulator worthy for this age, you may want to check out DOSBox Pure.

Made by indie developer Bernhard Schelling, this new version of the open-source DOS emulator will be compatible with current emulation frontend app RetroArch. Here are the bells and whistles DOSBox Pure provide:

  • You can launch games directly from zip files and mount CD images from them instead of, you know, unzipping them onto a separate folder.
  • Offers full controller support; mouse, keyboard, joystick mapping. The latter’s in case you want to run the original X-Wing PC game.
  • Cheat menu, and the option to search for new cheats in a game’s code.
  • Save states, so that you can cheese your way through a tough 90s turn-based game like X-COM and Jagged Alliance.
  • MIDI support with SoundFonts.
  • Database featuring 20 years worth of old PC games, so you can find some niche info on games like Raptor and Tyrian.

DOSBox Pure will be out winter 2020.

Author: Mr Toffee

Jonathan "Mr Toffee" Leo is a writer, editor, & all-around video game words guy for 9 years, give or take. He also did some story for games like Chain Chronicle and some podcasting on the side. Likes: bacon, Metallica, jogging. Hates: raccoons, oblivion.

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