These Mandalorian Adidas Shoes Need More Beskar

We’re already several episodes into The Mandalorian Season 2, and the hype is at an all-time high again. To celebrate the Disney Plus series, the Adidas The Mandalorian Collection is now on sale in Malaysia.

There are eight shoes in the Adidas The Mandalorian Collection, but most of them look too plain and generic. They don’t exactly scream The Mandalorian or Star Wars when you look at them, though that’s probably what some shoe enthusiasts prefer.

Women’s Nizza Beskar Steel Shoes

Kids’ NMD_R1 The Mandalorian Shoes

Men’s Top Ten The Child Shoes

Kids’ Top Ten The Child Shoes

Men’s ZX 2K Boost Mudhorn Shoes

Men’s The Child Superstar Shoes

Three of the shoes in the Adidas The Mandalorian Collection are for children, and the remaining five don’t exactly look distinctive, with the exception of the NMD_R1 The Mandalorian Shoes.

Coincidentally, that’s also the most expensive pair of shoes in the entire collection, priced at a whopping RM650. It features the Mandalorian ‘Mythosaur’ symbol and a unique armour print that distinguishes it from the other shoes.

Men’s NMD_R1 The Mandalorian Shoes

You can check out the rest of seven shoes as part of the Adidas The Mandalorian Collection on the official website here.

Still, it’s weird that Malaysia’s not getting the Gazelle Darksaber shoes for some reason. It’s available in the US store at US$100 (or roughly RM411+).

Gazelle Darksaber Shoes

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